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CHS GR Events Series 2016-2017 on YouTube

CHS GR, for the first time after the launch of the Events Series in 2008, shares videos of the Series lectures on YouTube. The 2017 Events Series focused on ‘Societies in Crisis: Economy, Politics, Culture’ with speakers from different academic backgrounds addressing the general topic through their own research. Read more

CHS GR Events Series 2016-2017 on YouTube

The CHS GR team is pleased to share recordings of the Events Series through its YouTube channel. So far, four of this year’s Events Series have taken place in venues around Greece. This year’s topic is ‘Societies in Crisis: Economy, Politics, Culture’. The Events Series feature lectures in Greek or… Read more

CHS GR shares the Events Series 2016-2017 on YouTube!

Our own Yiannis Petropoulos shares a summary of the opening lecture of the Events Series 2017, ‘Societies in Crisis: Economy, Politics, Culture’: What would be the political and constitutional repercussions in another EU country if its citizens experienced a 40-50% reduction in salaries and pensions? To the credit of the Greeks… Read more