oral poetics

Homeric Responses

The Homeric Iliad and Odyssey are among the world’s foremost epics. Yet, millennia after their composition, basic questions remain about them. Who was Homer—a real or an ideal poet? When were the poems composed—at a single point in time, or over centuries of composition and performance? And how were the poems committed to writing?… Read more

Homer’s Text and Language

As Homer remains an indispensable figure in the canons of world literature, interpreting the Homeric text is a challenging and high stakes enterprise. There are untold numbers of variations, imitations, alternate translations, and adaptations of the Iliad and Odyssey, making it difficult to establish what, exactly, the epics were. Gregory Nagy’s essays have one… Read more

SapphoFest 2015

The Center for Hellenic Studies, in association with Govinda Gallery, is pleased to announce SapphoFest 2015, three days of art and discussion celebrating the songs of Sappho, fifty years of Donovan's poetry and music, and Donovan's Sapphographs. Read more