Women and Property in Ancient Near Eastern and Mediterranean Societies: Acknowledgements


The editors wish to thank the Center for Hellenic Studies for its generous hospitality in hosting the conference from which this volume originated. We are grateful to all its staff for their kind assistance, and especially the director, Gregory Nagy, and Jennifer Reilly the programs officer. 

We take this opportunity to acknowledge the contribution of three respondents to the papers given at the conference: Peggy Day (University of Winnipeg), Jack Sasson (Vanderbilt University), and Ernestine Friedl (em. Duke University).

The chapter “Dangerous Gifts” by Deborah Lyons originally appeared in Classical Antiquity 22.1 (2003) 93-134. The chapter “Penelope’s Dowry and Odysseus’ Kingship” by Raymond Westbrook originally appeared in Symposion 2001, R. Wallace and M. Gagarin eds., Vienna: Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften 2005, 3-23, with a response by E. Cantarella. We thank the editors of these publication for permission to reprint.

Deborah Lyons (Miami University)

Raymond Westbrook (Johns Hopkins University)