Meet the 2017 CIC-CHS Summer Interns!

From July 20 through August 2, 2017, three interns manage the annual Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) seminar. From July 24 to 30, faculty from CIC member institutions met to extend their knowledge of Ancient Greece and to develop strategies for incorporating ancient sources into their courses. To learn more about the CIC seminar, click here.
The responsibilities of the interns include, but are not limited to:
Phase 1 (July 21-24): Conducting research and preparing assignments in order to contribute to conversations concerning the design of the courses; creating and editing content on websites.
Phase 2 (July 25-29): Taking notes and providing general assistance during the seminar sessions and participating in the seminar; assisting with logistical arrangements that pertain to accommodations and meals for the participants; cleaning up after breaks and dinners.
Phase 3 (July 31-August 1): Processing videos and creating podcasts from the seminar sessions; creating and editing content on websites.
Learn more about the internships, here.

Adam Beckwith, Brandeis University

Adam is a rising senior at Brandeis University studying Classics and History, with a minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies.  He works on the Homer Multitext Project at Brandeis, a project that is supported by the Center for Hellenic Studies.  He has been endeared with Classics ever since he read the adventures of Asterix and Obelix, a French comic book from the 1960s.  He loves running on his university track team, Star Wars, and his three cats.

Mark Krause, Ripon College

Mark is an undergraduate at Ripon College, not too far from where he grew up in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. He is majoring in Classics and History, and will begin his junior year in the fall. He has already enjoyed the opportunity to do research over the past two summers at Ripon. In his first summer, he helped design a new curriculum for the Latin program. Over the past summer, he has studied the 4th century Christian poet Prudentius, whose Psychomachia details the battle between the virtues and the deadly sins and vices in the soul of each Christian. While he is more inclined to become a Latinist or to continue studying Early Christianity, the opportunity to study Plato with other members of the CIC has been invaluable, and he is very satisfied with the quick, but in-depth survey that he has been allowed to sit in on as an intern.

Jordan Swanson, Dordt College

Jordan is a recent graduate from Dordt College in Sioux Center, IA, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in History. Currently he lives in Eau Claire, WI. While he is certainly interested in most areas of history, he is especially interested in areas involving Classical Greece and the later Roman Empire. When not studying, Jordan enjoys hunting, fishing, reading both historical and fiction books, and a good cup of coffee.