Fellowships News

Meet the 2022-23 Fellows

The CHS is pleased to announce the 2022-23 Fellows in Hellenic Studies. The fellowship program encourages research of the highest quality on topics related to ancient Greece. The program offers residential and non-residential options, and seeks to support collaborative and coordinating projects. Fellows in in Hellenic Studies Anna Alexandropoulou Anna… Read more

2021 Spring Fellow:
Alessandro Buccheri

A poetic botany? My research aims to answer three interrelated questions: What did the botanical knowledge of the archaic and the classical Greek era look like? How and why did it offer Greek authors of the time convenient ways of thinking (analogically) about other aspects or areas of experience and… Read more

CHS 2020 Fall Fellows:
Dieter Gunkel

Tonal Ochlophobia in Greek: Evidence from the Musical Documents As a linguist and philologist, I am interested in the accentuation of ancient Greek. I think of the accentuation of the language as a window that provides a view on a variety of things, including the linguistic evolution of Greek, the… Read more

CHS 2020 Fall Fellows: Aimee M. Genova

My project at the CHS, “In Times of War and Crisis: Regional Identities and Greek Archaeology,” offers a social-historical analysis of Greek archaeology by integrating the identity politics of Ottoman Macedonia and Crete into the broader, transnational narratives of Greek resistance prior to their unification in 1913. Although the London… Read more

CHS 2020 Fall Fellows: Milena Anfosso

My current project as a CHS Fellow is to further develop the results of a substantial chapter of my dissertation in order to produce my first monograph in English, with the provisional title Entwining Greek with Asian Speech. In my dissertation –– originally written in French and entitled Problèmes linguistiques… Read more

CHS 2020 Fall Fellows: Denise Demetriou

Phoenicians Among Others: How Migration and Mobility Transformed the Mediterranean Zeno of Kition arrived in Athens sometime in the fourth century BCE in spectacular fashion. The ship he was on, a merchant vessel carrying a quintessential Phoenician product, purple dye, was wrecked off the Attic coast. Zeno, a Phoenician speaker… Read more

Postcard from Wuhan

Currently, Bai Chun Xiao is Associate Research Fellow of Ancient Greek History in the History School at Wuhan University, and Eftichia Chen is a Post-doctoral Researcher on Byzantine Studies in the History School at Wuhan University. Read more