Heat and Lust: Hesiod’s Midsummer Festival Scene Revisited

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1. Corpora of ancient texts and editions of individual authors (not a complete list)

Quotations are taken from the Oxford editions of ancient authors, unless otherwise stated. Of the editions and commentaries used the following deserve especial notice:

Aesop (Perry) Aesopica…, ed. Perry, Ben Edwin (Urbana, 1952)
Alcaeus (LP) Poetarum Lesbiorum fragmenta, eds. Lobei, Edgar, and Page, Denys (Oxford, 1955)
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Homeric Hymn to Demeter (Richardson) The Homeric Hymn to Demeter, ed. Richardson, N. J. (Oxford, 1974, 1979)
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Peek Griechische Vers-Inschriften, ed. Peek, Werner, i (Berlin, 1955)
PMG Poetae melici Graeci, ed. Page, D. L. (Oxford, 1962)
Sappho (LP) cf. Alcaeus (LP) above
Theognis (W) see Archilochus (W) above
West see Hes. WD (West) above

2. Modern books, including reference and other standard works cited mainly in connection with Greco-Roman literature (not a full bibliography).

Denniston Denniston, J. D., The Greek particles2 (Oxford, 1954)
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Thompson Thompson, D’Arcy Wentworth, A glossary of Greek birds (Oxford, 1936)

3. Periodicals

References to classical periodicals adhere to the style of L’Année Philologique. Titles of periodicals dealing with modern Greek topics are self-explanatory; the following, however, deserves especial notice:

Laogr. Λαογραφία, Δελτίον τῆς ‘Ελληνικῆς Λαογραφικῆς Εταιρείας (’Αθῆναι 1909- )

4. Other

AG Ancient Greek
MG Modern Greek
Basilica (Scheltama i) Basilicorum libri LX … textus librorum I-VIII, ed. Scheltama, H. J. (Groningen, Djakarta, ‘s Gravenhage, 1955)

N.B. Except where this might seem confusing, the texts of the folksongs appear exactly as originally printed in the Greek sources.