Modern Odysseys

A discussion of Michelle Zerba’s book Modern Odysseys: Cavafy, Woolf, Césaire and a Poetics of Indirection, moderated by Richard Armstrong and Michelle Zerba. Read more

The Long Italian Philhellenism

Within the pan-European phenomenon called Philhellenism, Italy, due to its history, geographical location, and political status, was prominent in a different way – it appears that the Greek phenomenon was perhaps more deeply felt and rooted. Read more

Bettina Joy de Guzman

Bettina Joy de Guzman will talk about her research, performances, and journeys in Ancient Greek music, in conjunction with pre-recorded and live solo musical performances using various replica ancient instruments.  Read more

Muse Lee

How do we sing Homer's immortal stories in this moment of isolation? Emerging writer Muse Lee answers this question with a dazzling project: Aristos: the Musical, a queer pop/rock adaptation of The Iliad produced remotely during the pandemic. Read more