Lucrezia Maniscotti

Fascinated by the richness of Greek mythology, especially in connection to the ancient world of theater, Lucrezia found many relatable parallels between Greek and Indian cultures during her Indological academic studies and through the decades of her performing experience. Read more

The Danaid Legacy – Aeschylus

Reading Greek Tragedy Online Season 4 Episode 3 On Wednesday, May 4th at 3:00pm EDT, Reading Greek Tragedy returns with Aeschylus’s Danaid trilogy. In this week’s episode, we take a theatrical deep dive into the story of the Daughters of Danaus and how the legacy of Aeschylus’ Danaid trilogy… Read more


Reading Greek Tragedy Online Season 4 Episode 2 On Wednesday April 20th at 3:00pm EDT, Reading Greek Tragedy returns with Sophocles’s Antigone. Directed by Argyris Xafis, with host Joel Christensen, and special guest, Angeliki Tzanetou. Translators: Nikos Panagiotopoulos and Ian Johnston Featured Performers Nikos Hatzopoulos – KreonDimitra Vlagopoulou… Read more

The Battle of Plataea 2.5K

Taking place 2500 years after the battle of Plataea, this interdisciplinary conference on the battle brings together researchers to examine key problems connected to the battle, its multiple contexts, and its ancient and modern reverberations. Read more


Reading Greek Tragedy returns with Sophocles Philoctetes. This event will be streamed to Youtube and broadcast live from Hilles Cinema at Harvard University. If you are on campus, join us! Read more