Allyson Vieira

Join artist and professor, Allyson Vieira, as she discusses the trajectory of her artistic practice and traces the influence of the ancient world within it. Read more

Kyklos Conference 2021

The Greek Epic Cycle and its Reception In the Arts, Literature, Vase-Painting, Theatre, Film, and Video Games (in Antiquity, as well as in the Contemporary World) Time: 8:00am–3:30pm EDT Kyklos is a program devoted to new and developing scholarship concerning the Greek Epic Cycle. Its primary purpose is to foster… Read more

A festive gathering in honor of Gloria Ferrari Pinney’s 80th birthday

Those who have been fortunate to be Gloria’s students or colleagues carry the distinctive imprint of her scholarship in their consciousnesses. This imprint includes specific details of her brilliant studies, so often proving invaluable in our research; but also the style of thinking, the perception of the world, which can… Read more

Proximity and Classics

What ideas of proximity can we find in Classical Greek literature? How was intimacy understood, from Homer to Plato? What is the connection between proximity and friendship? What is the role of supplication? How can these ideas be mobilized to shed light on the notion of proximity today? Read more