Visiting Artist Presentation: Cynthia Word

Date: Friday, May 21, 2021Time: 11:30am EDT / 6:30pm Greece Sappho and Isadora: Once Again, This Time Cynthia Word is your guide in investigating two artists who pioneered the expression of the solo female voice in poetry and dance. Through words, photography, music, and videography, we realize kinship between Sappho, 7th… Read more

The Fragmentary Muse and the Poetics of Refraction in Sappho, Sophocles, Offenbach

Short Writings: I. Table of Contents [[This essay originally appeared in 2009 in Theater des Fragments: Performative Strategien im Theater zwischen Antike und Postmoderne (eds. A. Bierl, G. Siegmund, Ch. Meneghetti, C. Schuster) 69-102. In this expanded online edition, the page-numbers of the print edition will be indicated within braces (“{” and “}”). For example, “{69|70}”… Read more