SapphoFest 2015

The Center for Hellenic Studies, in association with Govinda Gallery, is pleased to announce SapphoFest 2015, three days of art and discussion celebrating the songs of Sappho, fifty years of Donovan's poetry and music, and Donovan's Sapphographs. Read more

Classical Inquiries | “Genre, Occasion, and Choral Mimesis Revisited,” by Gregory Nagy

"What happens if the occasion for performing a given genre of song becomes obsolete?" Gregory Nagy considers this question in his recent article on Classical Inquiries: "Genre, Occasion, and Choral Mimesis Revisited—with special reference to the 'newest Sappho'.” (2015.10.1) Drawing on the songs of Sappho and the modern lyrics of Lesley Gore, Nagy argues that genre can compensate for, and even absolutize, the occasion of performance. For Nagy, the occasion of choral… Read more