Euripides, Trojan Women

Translated by E. P. Coleridge. Revised by the Trojan Women Heroization team (Keith DeStone, Hélène Emeriaud, Kelly Lambert, Janet M. Ozsolak, Sarah Scott) Before Agamemnon’s tent in the camp near Troy. Poseidon From the depths of salt Aegean sea [pontos] I, Poseidon, have come, where choruses [khoroi] of… Read more

Euripides, Helen

Translation by E. P. Coleridge Revised by the Helen Heroization team (Hélène Emeriaud, Claudia Filos, Janet M. Ozsolak, Sarah Scott, Jack Vaughan) Before the palace of Theoklymenos in Egypt. It is near the mouth of the Nile. The tomb of Proteus, the father of Theoklymenos, is visible. Helen is… Read more

Theognidea and Megarian Society

[This article was originally published in 1985 by The Johns Hopkins University Press as Chapter 5 of Theognis of Megara: Poetry and the Polis (ed. by T. Figueria and G. Nagy) 112–158. Baltimore. This version is updated from that made available at the Stoa Consortium. In it, the original… Read more

Open Greek and Latin Project

Open Greek and Latin Project (OGL) The Open Greek and Latin (OGL) project is the umbrella project for the development of corpus linguistic resources for the study of Classical Greek and Latin. The idea is to bring together in machine-actionable form all the Classical Greek and Latin texts from antiquity… Read more