My Daddy

back Antonia Nagy I have always admired Gregory Nagy the man. He is undeniably a remarkable person. Brilliant, friendly, funny, caring, and of course, passionate. He is an easy man to respect. But I am his daughter, so I have also always been critical of him as a father. Read more

Les déesses au métier : Isis et Perséphone tisserandes

back Françoise Labrique – Ioanna Papadopoulou 1. Perséphone arrhéphore Les pages qui suivent parlent du tissage, des dieux, de Grèce et d’Egypte. Nous avons choisi cette thématique pour rendre hommage à la réflexion de Gregory Nagy, qui s’intéresse tout particulièrement au tissage, mais qui est aussi comparatiste. Façon de… Read more


back Ginan Rauf Introduction The first conversationalist was Socrates, who replaced this war of words by dialogue. Perhaps he did not invent dialogue, which was originally a Sicilian mime or puppet play, but he introduced the idea that individuals couldn’t be intelligent on their own, that they need someone… Read more


back Danielle Arnold Freedman My being born in a tiny coal-mining village in Warwickshire, England, Harvard may have seemed an unobvious destination. However, I had been primed for it from the start by a favourite Uncle who had escaped in the preceding generation, to Canada. Equally unobviously I did… Read more