The Life and Miracles of Thekla: A Literary Study

  Johnson, Scott Fitzgerald. 2006. The Life and Miracles of Thekla: A Literary Study. Hellenic Studies Series 13. Washington, DC: Center for Hellenic Studies.

Outline of the Life and Miracles of Thekla (chapter numbers based on the critical text, Dagron 1978:168–412)



1–13at Iconium

14outside Iconium

15–24at Antioch

25–26at Myra

27–28from Myra to Iconium, then Seleukeia

29disappearance into the ground; spiritual activities



1–4 Thekla fights against daimones

5–11various miracles of defending, helping, and healing locals

12two miracles concerning the author; healing, excommunication, and reinstatement

13–25various miracles of healing and protecting individuals

26–30protection of various towns and churches

31appearance to the author, encouraging him to write

32–35miracles of vengeance

36–41various healings, including the author and three of the local literati

42–46various healings of locals