The Oral Palimpsest: Exploring Intertextuality in the Homeric Epics

  Tsagalis, Christos. 2008. The Oral Palimpsest: Exploring Intertextuality in the Homeric Epics. Hellenic Studies Series 29. Washington, DC: Center for Hellenic Studies.


This book is dedicated to Pietro Pucci, whose scientific acumen, unstinting encouragement, and unfailing guidance have been a constant support for me during these last fifteen years. He stands at the head of a small but precious group of scholars, who have guided me in search of my scholarly pathway.

Through the years, I have incurred some special debts of professional and personal gratitude, which I am truly happy to acknowledge. My deepest thanks go to Gregory Nagy, whose profound understanding of epic song-traditions have shaped the way many people, including myself, approach Homeric poetry. Egbert Bakker’s groundbreaking contributions to Homeric studies over the years have also left a lasting imprint on my work. On the European side of the Atlantic, Georg Danek’s and Antonios Rengakos’ work on intertextuality and Homeric Poetics have also enlightened the way I study Homer. I am also grateful to the latter, who suggested to me the Hellenic Series published by the Center for Hellenic Studies as the ideal ‘Homeric’ place to submit my work for publication.

I am also glad to thank the anonymous reader for helpful comments and the entire editorial team at CHS for making the process of turning my manuscript into a book a pleasing experience. Needless to say, I am entirely responsible for the errors and shortcomings that remain.

Christos C. Tsagalis
Athens, January 2007