Iliad 10 and the Poetics of Ambush: A Multitext Edition with Essays and Commentary

  Dué, Casey, and Mary Ebbott. 2010. Iliad 10 and the Poetics of Ambush: A Multitext Edition with Essays and Commentary. Hellenic Studies Series 39. Washington, DC: Center for Hellenic Studies.


We gratefully acknowledge the support provided by a National Endowment for the Humanities Collaborative Research grant, which funded in large part the research and writing of this book. Any views, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect those of the National Endowment for the Humanities. We are also profoundly grateful for the support of several individuals who contributed to the project in various ways. Carolyn Higbie read through a large portion of the text and offered numerous suggestions for improvement, as did Francesca Behr, David Elmer, and Rick Newton. Alexander Loney and Bart Huelsenbeck contributed their editions of the papyri included in Part II. Christopher W. Blackwell and D. Neel Smith are the architects of the Homer Multitext (HMT) project, in connection with which this book was conceived and developed. Their genius makes possible all aspects of the HMT and the digital publication of this book as part of the HMT. Under their guidance, moreover, a wonderful group of undergraduate and graduate student researchers at four different institutions assisted in the creation of the digital texts used for this volume. The Center for Hellenic Studies (CHS) sponsors and publishes the Homer Multitext, and it was as directors of a CHS summer seminar that we first became inspired to write a commentary on Ili ad 10. Two years later we offered the seminar again and began the project in earnest. We thank the students of those seminars for their collegial exchange of ideas on the topics discussed in this volume. We learned a great deal from both groups, which included Meghan Barry, Robert Brewer, William Duffy, Katie Lamberto, Alexander Loney, Suzanne Lye, Jack Mitchell, Andrew Porter, Sean Signore, Jeremy Thompson, and Vincent Tomasso. The same is true for audiences at the CAMWS annual meetings in Gainesville and Cincinnati, where we presented early versions of some of this work. We thank Noel Spencer and Ryan Hackney for their excellent proofreading. We offer our special thanks to Jill Robbins for her beautiful line drawings and for overseeing production of the entire volume. Her knowing eye for both Greek art and book design has been our great fortune. We have had the special privilege of participating for the past several years in an Iliad translation group with Douglas Frame, Leonard Muellner, and Gregory Nagy. These group meetings have given us the chance to regularly think through ideas and wrestle with questions, and often simply to appreciate Homeric poetry, with three of the premier Homeric scholars of our time. Of course, none of these people is to blame for any remaining mistakes or errors in interpretation in this book, but we are deeply grateful for the expertise and insight they have shared with us. Finally, we would like to thank each other. When we applied for the NEH grant, we promoted this kind of sustained collaboration as a way to produce more thoughtful and thorough scholarship in a timely manner; what we discovered in the process was also how much pleasure collaboration brought to our work.