Greek Mythology and Poetics

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I thank the Classics Department of Harvard University for the allocation of a subsidy that has helped make this book more affordable. At an early stage of the project, Lenore Savage, with her expertise at the keyboard, navigated through vast stretches of unwieldy text. The final printed version was achieved by Gary Bisbee, master compositor and scholar.

I wish to record my deep gratitude to all those who gave me advice at various stages in the evolution of this book. Special thanks go to Victor Bers, Deborah Boedeker, Martha Cowan, Gregory Crane, Olga Davidson, Marian Demos, Scott Ettinger, Thomas J. Figueira, Douglas Frame, John Hamilton, Leonard Muellner, Biaise Nagy, Joseph Nagy, Jogesh Panda, Dan Petegorsky, Dale Sinos, Laura Slatkin, Roger Travis, Brent Vine, Calvert Watkins, Michael Witzel.

I offer special thanks to John Peradotto, editor of Arethusa. It was he who provided the original occasions for the essays rewritten as Chapters 4 and 8 in this book.

Finally, I dedicate this book to my genial daughter, Antónia, whose radiant company has been for me a priceless treasure.